In today’s competitive marketplace businesses need to seek out every opportunity to lower costs while improving their team’s productivity. A scanner can cut costs, improve document workflows and increase productivity. Many businesses are still dependent on paper workflows; using your scanner can cut your reliance on paper, lower print and consumables costs and make document sharing and collaboration a breeze!

A recent IDC survey found that 21.3% of productivity losses are related to paper in the office. Here are four tips to improve your productivity and cut costs by using your office scanner.

  1. Scan Safely – Every business needs to be concerned with safety. Multifunction printers (MFPs) equipped with Xerox ConnectKey technology provide end-to-end scanning encryption. ConnectKey can also encrypt and password protect data using the Scan to Email app. External email is encrypted between MFPs and externally hosted email servers.
  2. Scan to Email – Scan to email allows direct to email scanning and delivery with one simple step. The recipient can open, view, and save any document. This process uses protocols like SecurePDF to keep your information safe.
  3. Mobile Scanning – The Xerox Mobile Link app lets you scan or fax from any device. By connecting with ConnectKey-enabled MFPs you can send documents to, and print from, the cloud. Additional options let you scan or print directly without connecting to any network.
  4. Scan Documents to Collaborate and Share – Studies have shown that document recovery can take up to 18 minutes per incidence. ConnectKey enabled devices using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software can create searchable, documents that can be edited and shared quickly. Documents can be centrally stored, searchable and only a mouse click away. This function alone can simplify workflows and save your company time and money!

A ConnectKey-equipped MFP can be the hub of your office. Using your scanner can save your team time, lower paper and consumables costs and increase productivity. With ConnectKey you can scan and digitize files making them easily searchable and documents can be stored on the cloud for easy access, 24/7 on any device, at any time!