Are you still using paper for most of your critical business processes? If you are, you’re spending a lot of time and money managing all that paper. We’ve been hearing about the paperless office for 20 years, yet every year it seems like we’re using more and more paper!

Technology available today makes it possible to significantly reduce or even eliminate paper in the workplace. Digital documents are easier to store, share, search and protect. Going paperless requires the development of a strategy to reduce paper use. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

  • What do you print? – Start by tracking your current output for each employee over a fixed time period to establish a baseline. Use manual logs and the meters on your copier to track use. Consider working with a Managed Print Services provider who can install tracking software for detailed fact-based data.
  • Transition to the Cloud – Cloud-based applications allow for easier document sharing and collaboration. Talk with your vendors and customers and see if they will join you on the cloud.
  • Scan All Documents – Document scanners and multifunction devices are affordable and offer the capability to scan documents directly to network drives, emails, or directly into document workflows.
  • Digitally Sign Documents – Most countries now recognize the legality of digitally signed documents.
  • Bank Online – Speak with your bank and other financial institutions request paperless statements. Pay your bills and accept payment electronically when possible. Set alerts to let you know when bills are due.
  • Offer Incentives – Reward you staff for reducing paper use.

Going paperless, or at least significantly lowering paper use, is possible and can pay big dividends. Along with cost savings you’ll also enjoy increased productivity and the ability and flexibility to run your business and send and receive documents whenever you need them, from anywhere with an Internet connection. Want to know more? Give us a call and let us show you the benefits of going paperless!