With the economy being so reliant on small to medium sized businesses (SMBs), it’s disheartening to learn that many operate on tight budgets, often with minimal IT support. In a world that has become so reliant on technology, those businesses that succeed often use innovative techniques, doing more with less while ensuring they keep up to date with technology – and their competitors.

Over 75 percent of SMBs still rely heavily on printed materials for basic operations such as record keeping, invoicing, human resources and communications, yet few are aware of their total cost of printing. While cost savings may be the biggest benefit of Managed Print Services, increased productivity, predictable budgeting, and a reduced carbon footprint come close behind.

A Managed Print Services partnership begins with a comprehensive print assessment, including an inventory of all print equipment and supplies, a review of printer placement, and determination of print costs per page. Equipment which is deemed irrelevant, obsolete, inefficient, or inadequate may be removed, traded in, or replaced. Today’s printers utilize the same cloud technology already popular with most SMBs, as well as multi-layered security and mobile print options, making them a welcome addition to any organization.

Proper printer placement, less downtime, and a relieved burden on IT resources, all add up to increased productivity and overall cost savings. Contact us today to learn how Managed Print Services can help your SMB.