As more data goes digital, cyber thefts are on the rise. The office MFP is often a weak point in network security, potentially allowing hackers access to the sensitive data stored on the MFP hard drive and elsewhere in your network. However, with Xerox’s ConnectKey technology your data remains secure with several layers of protection.

Prevention Against Intrusion

Hacking threats can come from both inside or outside your business. ConnectKey works to protect you from both with user authentication and transaction logging. No one is allowed to access your MFP device without proper credentials, and once logged on every action is recorded. Any detected attempts to install malicious files are rejected by the ConnectKey software.

Detection and Notification

Though the ConnectKey software is an effective means of blocking intrusions, your Xerox MFP is also equipped with McAfee solutions that can detect any attempts to install malicious software or other suspicious activities. A report is automatically generated and immediately sent to your contact person to alert them so further actions can be taken to protect your network.


If despite other security measures your information is intercepted, Xerox still has you covered. All data travelling to and from your MFP is encrypted, making it useless to hackers. This makes sure your data is safe both within and outside your network.

Pull Printing

Printed documents are vulnerable to theft if they are left sitting on the print tray. To prevent this, Xerox MFPs are equipped for pull printing, delaying the printing of a job until the user enters an authentication code at the print device. This reduces the chance of any sensitive documents remaining unclaimed at the printer. Combined with the audit trails that are created, this helps keep your data safe.

In today’s world, security has to be at the top of your company’s priority list. Xerox makes this easy with its exclusive ConnectKey software for its multifunction printers. With multiple levels of protection, Xerox protects your data throughout the print process, and helps keep hackers out of your network.

To learn more about how Xerox technology can keep your business protected,  contact CSRA Document Solutions.