Key Benefits of a Managed Documents System

Thieves and hackers are constantly refining their techniques in order to stay ahead of security patches and updates in an effort to obtain access to sensitive data from businesses of all sizes. Add to that the risks associated with employee carelessness or error, and security requirements increase exponentially. A managed documents system as part of your Managed Print Services agreement addresses these issues and more, with solutions designed to protect your data while adhering to regulatory industry compliance standards.

The Benefits of a Managed Documents System 

With the implementation of a document management system, documents are securely stored in a central location, for quick access, enhanced security, and ease of collaboration. This three-pronged approach to security includes:

Scanning Solutions 

Document conversion – Turn hardcopy documents into digital files with the push of a button with customized scanning solutions. Documents are then stored securely in the cloud for secure access, and protection from the risk of theft or damage.
Rules-based document transmission – Once scanned, data is automatically routed to the applicable department or user, or stored in the appropriate folder.
Data encryption – Information can be encrypted at the printer prior to delivery across your network.

Digital File Management

Automated workflows – Assurance that the responsible parties are kept abreast of the tasks required to successfully navigate a document through its workflow.
Audit tracking – Documents are tracked from the point of creation, through development and completion and copies are kept alongside the author’s name and date of access.
Restricted access – Users are only allowed access to relevant documents.
Disaster prevention – Digital files are exempt from the dangers of fire, flood, destruction or physical theft.

Document Output Management

Encryption techniques – Documents can be encrypted prior to being sent across the network to the printer.

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6 Steps to Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions

As the New Year looms, it brings with it the promise of change. While many people make resolutions, studies show as few as 8% of people keep them. Whether your goals are personal or professional, here are some tips to help you stick to your resolutions this year.

Make your goals specific and realistic. Abstract goals are hard to reach. It’s important to decide what exactly you hope to achieve, and make it something you can accomplish. This will help define your efforts, so you can plan how you will reach your goals.
Measure your progress. Very few goals can be accomplished in one giant leap. You’ll want to set smaller milestones along the way and measure your progress. These smaller steps will keep you motivated and on track, while paving the way to your ultimate goal.
Share your resolution and your progress. Whether it’s with your entire Facebook friends list, or just a single accountability partner, gaining the support of family, friends, and colleagues can help you reach your goals. It’s a lot harder to break your resolution when other people know about it.
Give it time. You’re not going to go from a couch potato to running a marathon in a single month – or maybe even in a year. Making a change is a process, and you need to be patient to see the results. Prepare yourself mentally for this fact so it doesn’t derail you.
It’s not “all or nothing”. Some days you may not be able to reach your goal – and that’s ok, but it’s no reason to give up. Anything you do to work towards your goal is still progress from where […]

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ConnectKey Keeps your Data Safe

As more data goes digital, cyber thefts are on the rise. The office MFP is often a weak point in network security, potentially allowing hackers access to the sensitive data stored on the MFP hard drive and elsewhere in your network. However, with Xerox’s ConnectKey technology your data remains secure with several layers of protection.
Prevention Against Intrusion
Hacking threats can come from both inside or outside your business. ConnectKey works to protect you from both with user authentication and transaction logging. No one is allowed to access your MFP device without proper credentials, and once logged on every action is recorded. Any detected attempts to install malicious files are rejected by the ConnectKey software.
Detection and Notification
Though the ConnectKey software is an effective means of blocking intrusions, your Xerox MFP is also equipped with McAfee solutions that can detect any attempts to install malicious software or other suspicious activities. A report is automatically generated and immediately sent to your contact person to alert them so further actions can be taken to protect your network.
If despite other security measures your information is intercepted, Xerox still has you covered. All data travelling to and from your MFP is encrypted, making it useless to hackers. This makes sure your data is safe both within and outside your network.
Pull Printing
Printed documents are vulnerable to theft if they are left sitting on the print tray. To prevent this, Xerox MFPs are equipped for pull printing, delaying the printing of a job until the user enters an authentication code at the print device. This reduces the chance of any sensitive documents remaining unclaimed at the printer. Combined with the audit trails that are created, this helps keep your data safe.

In today’s world, […]

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Managed Print Services Isn’t Just for Large Companies

With the economy being so reliant on small to medium sized businesses (SMBs), it’s disheartening to learn that many operate on tight budgets, often with minimal IT support. In a world that has become so reliant on technology, those businesses that succeed often use innovative techniques, doing more with less while ensuring they keep up to date with technology – and their competitors.

Over 75 percent of SMBs still rely heavily on printed materials for basic operations such as record keeping, invoicing, human resources and communications, yet few are aware of their total cost of printing. While cost savings may be the biggest benefit of Managed Print Services, increased productivity, predictable budgeting, and a reduced carbon footprint come close behind.

A Managed Print Services partnership begins with a comprehensive print assessment, including an inventory of all print equipment and supplies, a review of printer placement, and determination of print costs per page. Equipment which is deemed irrelevant, obsolete, inefficient, or inadequate may be removed, traded in, or replaced. Today’s printers utilize the same cloud technology already popular with most SMBs, as well as multi-layered security and mobile print options, making them a welcome addition to any organization.

Proper printer placement, less downtime, and a relieved burden on IT resources, all add up to increased productivity and overall cost savings. Contact us today to learn how Managed Print Services can help your SMB.

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Want to Cut Costs? Look to Your Scanner!

In today’s competitive marketplace businesses need to seek out every opportunity to lower costs while improving their team’s productivity. A scanner can cut costs, improve document workflows and increase productivity. Many businesses are still dependent on paper workflows; using your scanner can cut your reliance on paper, lower print and consumables costs and make document sharing and collaboration a breeze!

A recent IDC survey found that 21.3% of productivity losses are related to paper in the office. Here are four tips to improve your productivity and cut costs by using your office scanner.

Scan Safely – Every business needs to be concerned with safety. Multifunction printers (MFPs) equipped with Xerox ConnectKey technology provide end-to-end scanning encryption. ConnectKey can also encrypt and password protect data using the Scan to Email app. External email is encrypted between MFPs and externally hosted email servers.
Scan to Email – Scan to email allows direct to email scanning and delivery with one simple step. The recipient can open, view, and save any document. This process uses protocols like SecurePDF to keep your information safe.
Mobile Scanning – The Xerox Mobile Link app lets you scan or fax from any device. By connecting with ConnectKey-enabled MFPs you can send documents to, and print from, the cloud. Additional options let you scan or print directly without connecting to any network.
Scan Documents to Collaborate and Share – Studies have shown that document recovery can take up to 18 minutes per incidence. ConnectKey enabled devices using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software can create searchable, documents that can be edited and shared quickly. Documents can be centrally stored, searchable and only a mouse click away. This function alone can simplify workflows and save your company […]

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SMBS are Going Digital to Save Time and Money

As large corporations move increasingly to digital workflows, small and medium-sized businesses aren’t transitioning as quickly. Digital workflows have a number of benefits, with many companies seeing significant benefits within the first 18 months. From increased productivity to better monitoring, the benefits can be even more important for SMBs with limited resources.

Startling Paper Facts

Paper many be costing your business more than you think. On average, each office worker uses over 10,000 sheets of paper per year, nearly half of which wind up in the recycling bin within 24 hours. This adds up to over $120 billion per year on paper costs across the U.S.

Beyond the sheer cost of the paper itself, you’re losing money to lost productivity. In paper-heavy offices, employees can lose six hours per week in searching for documents. Misfiled and lost documents come with a hefty price tag. Even more alarming is the fact that experts believe 70% of paper-reliant businesses would fail within weeks if they suffered a fire or flood and lost their documents.

Going Digital

Going digital eliminates many of the overhead costs associated with paper documents. Digital storage is very affordable, and allows you to easily make and store backup copies in multiple off-site locations. If your main office suffers a fire or flood your documents will still be safe. Cloud storage also allows employees to access documents remotely, which is increasingly important in today’s fast-paced world.

Digital files can be easily indexed, making them quickly searchable. Human resources and accounting especially benefit from the efficiency and reduced errors that going digital can bring.

Small and medium businesses have limited resources to spend. Wasting your time, money, and energy on producing and managing paper documents may be holding your business back. […]

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Simple Steps to Improve Workday Productivity

When you’re staring at a pile of work, it can seem insurmountable to get it all done. However, by taking steps to increase your productivity, you may find yourself getting more done in less time, while also feeling less stressed. Try some of these tips to be more productive during the workday.

Take Control of Your Email

Do you jump to respond every time your email chimes? This reaction, though normal, may be harming your ability to get your work done. There are several ways to tame your email:

Turn off notifications, and set scheduled times to check your email and stick to them. Without notifications, you’ll be able to focus on your work and your emailing time will also be more productive.
Use email filters to sort your inbox into folders for you. This allows you to focus on only the emails you must deal with right now and save the rest for later.
Reply to simple emails as soon as you read them. Whether it’s a simple RSVP to a meeting or a piece of information for a coworker, if it will only take you a couple minutes to answer, do it now instead of waiting for later.

Scheduled Interruptions

You can’t focus if you’re interrupted on and off all day – but nor should you forgo breaks, as they are important to your physical and mental well-being. Schedule breaks into your day and use this time to:

Take a walk
Chat with a coworker

In between breaks, keep your door closed, or let your coworkers know you’re not to be interrupted for non-urgent matters. If you have something particularly time-sensitive, you may want to work from home if possible to eliminate unwanted interruptions.

Take the Pressure […]

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Meet Your New Workplace Assistant from Xerox!

ConnectKey technology by Xerox has been transforming the way we work today. It offers your team access to the office print environment whenever and wherever they need it. It gives your team the freedom to be more productive and solve problems when they happen, in the office or on the road.

Xerox has recently released 29 new products including 19 new VersaLink printers and MFPs and 10 new AltaLink MFPs as a part of the growing ConnectKey compatible portfolio.

Here are some of the benefits and new features of these great new workplace assistants!

VersaLink Printers and MFPs: These devices are perfect for small to mid-sized organizations. Thanks to ConnectKey technology, they combine innovative functionality with a low cost of ownership. With 19 new devices to choose from, you can find the perfect device to fit your unique business needs.

AltaLink MFPs: This line is designed for larger enterprise organizations. AltaLink provides increased productivity with faster boot times and single pass scanning. Ten new devices offer an assortment of A3, color and monochrome MFPs to choose from.
Both VistaLink and AltaLink workplace assistants offer some amazing benefits including:
• Intuitive Interface – All 29 new devices offer an industry-leading interface that is customizable to meet your unique needs and office document workflows. The design is intuitive and easy to use, meaning fewer clicks to get your work done and that means less time spent at the printer!

• Mobile and Cloud Compatibility – Information flows easily between Xerox devices and cloud apps like Office 365, Dropbox, and Google Drive. This means easier access for mobile workers. They can print, scan, and share documents from any device including laptops, tablets and smartphones while on the road!

• Security Enhancements – ConnectKey technology offers safety for […]

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Getting Started with Document Workflow Automation

Paper documents can be hard to organize and store and processing them manually can lead to misfiling and loss. By using digital technology, everyday tasks can become streamlined, leading to many benefits for your company. The first step towards automating your processes is to identify where the biggest benefits can be realized.

The Benefits of Automation

Employees spend many hours each week completing every day, repetitive, tasks. During this process, it’s easy for errors to be made – equating to loss of time and money. For some tasks, especially in paper-heavy departments, turning to digital automation can dramatically streamline the way you do business, and add to your bottom line.

Automated tasks reduce the possibility for human error and can be completed more quickly. Additionally, digitally automated tasks can be better tracked for auditing and regulatory purposes. By better monitoring your business, you can better manage it, with the effects trickling down to every department.

Getting Started

Getting started involves identifying those tasks which would benefit most from automation. Typically, these will be paper-heavy tasks, such as in accounting or HR. A Managed Print Services provider may be able to help you quickly identify those processes that are bogging down your business the most, so you can target these areas first.

Once these tasks are identified, they need to be further broken down:

What type of documents are you processing, and what format do they take? (i.e. paper, pdf, word file)
How are your documents currently stored, and do you want to change this?
What is the volume of documents that needs to be processed each week?
How are documents be distributed, and to whom? (i.e. email, fax, paper report)
What does your current technology look like and are you […]

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Ready to Go Paperless? Take These Steps Today!

Are you still using paper for most of your critical business processes? If you are, you’re spending a lot of time and money managing all that paper. We’ve been hearing about the paperless office for 20 years, yet every year it seems like we’re using more and more paper!

Technology available today makes it possible to significantly reduce or even eliminate paper in the workplace. Digital documents are easier to store, share, search and protect. Going paperless requires the development of a strategy to reduce paper use. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

What do you print? – Start by tracking your current output for each employee over a fixed time period to establish a baseline. Use manual logs and the meters on your copier to track use. Consider working with a Managed Print Services provider who can install tracking software for detailed fact-based data.
Transition to the Cloud – Cloud-based applications allow for easier document sharing and collaboration. Talk with your vendors and customers and see if they will join you on the cloud.
Scan All Documents – Document scanners and multifunction devices are affordable and offer the capability to scan documents directly to network drives, emails, or directly into document workflows.
Digitally Sign Documents – Most countries now recognize the legality of digitally signed documents.
Bank Online – Speak with your bank and other financial institutions request paperless statements. Pay your bills and accept payment electronically when possible. Set alerts to let you know when bills are due.
Offer Incentives – Reward you staff for reducing paper use.

Going paperless, or at least significantly lowering paper use, is possible and can pay big dividends. Along […]

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